Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Male Grooming - Why are they so awkward?!

Male there anything more awkward? Don't get me wrong, I am all for men having tidy eyebrows and generally taking pride in their appearance, I love that! But I'm a firm believer in there being a line that men just should not cross.... For instance, I just find men with overly plucked and well-shaped eyebrows a bit of a turn off. If you have better scouse-brow than me I am not interested! It just looks odd, no?

(is that lipgloss?!)

Another awkward point involving eyebrows - why oh why do some men take a razor to their unibrow?! WHY?! I was talking to my boyfriend the other day and couldn't look away from the stubble between his eyebrows, odd. As a person who religiously gets their brows threaded because I am pants at shaping them myself, all that goes through my head is 'How are you supposed to shape them with that?!'. I can just see it going horribly wrong... Men of the world - if you're unsure, get your girlfriend/ female friend to pluck them for you instead, it will last longer and look a lot better. Plus, we quite like laughing at how wimpy you are about it ;)

Last but not least, body hair. I have absolutely no problem with body hair, I quite like a bit of chest fluff if I'm honest, but I understand many aren't keen. But PLEASE don't shave your chest! Again, my boyfriend is guilty of this and I just thought it looked really odd when he suddenly had a stubbly chest. Trust me, it's not the best look (and doesn't feel particular nice!) and so requires daily maintenance. Make life easier on yourself and get a wax or hair removal cream. I still find it weirder when men shave their arms and legs though....

Are there any other strange things you have caught the men in your life doing in the way of male grooming (nothing too rude please!). Oh, they are funny creatures! ;)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Getting to know you - 10 odd facts about me

I AM SO SORRY I DISAPPEARED AGAIN!! End of August and September has just been completely manic, so much to tell! But it has been hectic with new jobs (eeek!! I start in just over a week), ear infections and other illness, my brother, sister-in-law and niece coming to stay, getting prepared to move house and all the other little bits in between. It is safe to say I have been run off my feet for roughly 6 weeks and just haven't had the time to take photos and all the other necessary processes needed for a good blog post. I know, probably a weak excuse but I'll try my best to be back with a vengeance now!

So, as I have been away for a while I thought it would be good to come back with a post reintroducing you to, well, me. I tried to go for the stranger facts to keep it interesting, but I promise I am not a weirdo! Oh, and sorry for the weird picture up there ^^ turns out I am not brilliant at paint...who would've thought!

1) When I was a baby I looked like an alien. My eyes were a bit big for my strange shaped head... I'm not even joking, look!:

Or a gremlin - look at those ears! :/

2) I watch films that are probably too emotionally draining whilst getting ready for work in the morning. I mean, last week for instance, I watched '12 Years a Slave' whilst doing my hair and make-up in the morning. Yes, I had to do my mascara twice but I don't know when I'd get the chance to watch all these things if I didn't have them on in the background (and yes I do still manage to follow them). It really annoys my movie geek friend though, maybe I should stick to things like 'Despicable Me' from now on...

3) I'm pretty sure I used to be addicted to extra strong mints. I literally used to eat 2 packs of them a day, obsessed! Before you ask, my stomach was fine, I was just always super minty. There were no support groups available to help me overcome my addiction so I had to go cold turkey and do it myself. My name is Jenni and I have been off extra strong mints for 3 years now *applause*

4) I spend forever in the shower and I have no idea why. Honestly, my parents turn on the taps downstairs to 'flush me out' sometimes. I have short hair so I technically should be through the shower quite quickly :/ I blame the fact I'm still half asleep most mornings.

5) I am OCD about lists. I make lists for everything. It drives my boyfriend mad and yet in no way organises me. But at least I have all the right intentions!

6) I used to swim for my county, I had actually got really good by the time I turned 16! Then I discovered boys and going out with my friends and getting up for practice or giving up my Friday nights for practice just seemed dumb. Now I wish I had stuck with it, gutted I didn't . You always think you know better at 16 though!

7) My parents call me the boomerang child. I have moved out 3 times so far and have always come back. My brother moved out once and stayed gone. Hopefully when I move out next week I will stay gone! I may even give them the chance to miss me this time ;)

8) I spend literally all my money on beauty products, the amounts of lipstick and perfume I have is just unnatural. But then I moan because I have no new clothes, and so buy more make-up to cheer myself up again. Vicious circle.

9) I am obsessed with ugly dogs. I don't know why but I am just drawn to them and fall in love with them, take my old dog Fito for instance:

I rescued Fito from SARA's when I lived in Lanzarote (which is a bit like RSPCA here). He is a Podenco and in the Canary Islands they are used for hunting and usually treated pretty appallingly. With Fito, he had been beaten so his bottom jaw was a bit wonky and his front legs were slightly bowed. But he was so sweet and lovely so I rescued him and I thought he was beautiful. (F.Y.I - my mum said he was an ugly fox/bat/dog hybrid, my poor boy! she did love him though)

10) And last but not least - my middle name is Maud... I have the ugliest middle name imaginable, that's Ned Flander's wife's name!! :'( I never tell anyone my middle name as I hate it so much, so you guys are kinda privileged right now.

And so, there you go. I thought it was probably best to stop at 10, I didn't want to bore you guys or leave you thinking I was a bit of an oddball. Hopefully it will leave you feeling like you have reconnected with me after my time off from blogging ;)

Please leave a strange fact about yourself in the comments, I love hearing about other people's strange qualities, it's good to know we are all a bit abnormal really!